Late Thursday

I start my Thursday like every other day.  “Mom the suns up. Get up mom” one is screaming at me to get up while the other is pushing me. Kids! How can something we cherish so dearly be so annoying at the same time. I’m devoted 5 years so far being a SAHM. Same routine different day. ..

Long story short it’s been one of those days. My husband gets home and asks how my day was. Of course leave it to me to lash back with “how do you think”. Truth is my day wasn’t even bad. The three of us got up ate breakfast and had a lazy movie day and Lego day due to the rain. Then had lunch and then surprisingly all managed to lay down for a nap. Yet why do I feel as though my day had literally been shat on?  It’s the joys of being a SAHM. It has its ups but it has a lot of downs…

As I lay here I realize how cruel I was when my husband walked in the door. How cruel I was all night.  It’s not his fault I get so down in the dumps. But instead here we are. Laying in bed, he’s sleeping.we never even got to say goodnight. ….,

Goodnight my sweet husband.